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Soil ameliorants

soil-ameliorantsBrown’s fertilisers can supply and spread a large variety of organic and natural soil amendments for improving the health and quality of your soil.

With options of bulk spreading, bags or even tipping bulk quantities on site we can cater for your needs, no matter how big or small.

Brown’s Fertilisers’ Soil Amerliorants Products

Agricultural lime

Brown’s carries a variety of agricultural lime to ensure we can provide the right product for your farm. [more]


Sourced from the Swan Hill area, natural gypsum is a source of soil calcium and sulphur and aids in improving soil structure in some instances. [more]

Manures and compost

Brown’s Fertilisers can source and spread a range of ameliorants high in organic matter such as pig and fowl manure and clean, green compost. [more]

Neutrog range

Neutrog produce a range of fowl manure based products. [more]