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Magnesium and nitrogen are the only soil absorbed plant nutrients that are components of chlorophyll. When magnesium is in short supply plant growth will be reduced and potentially yield will be limited.

Many soils contain sufficient magnesium however high yielding horticultural crops often have additional magnesium supplied to meet plant demands.

High potassium inputs can often create a magnesium imbalance in the plant. Where high levels of potassium are being applied it is also beneficial to apply magnesium.

Brown’s Fertilisers’ Magnesium Products

Magnesium Oxide

Mg: 52.0%

With a magnesium content of 52%, it is used in blend to supply magnesium to crops. Oxide form allows slow release of the magnesium over time.

Hi Mag (Magnesium Sulphate)

Mg:  15%  S: 20%

With a magnesium content of 15%, it is used in blends to supply magnesium to crops. The sulphate form releases the magnesium over a four to six week period to the soil. Ideal where crops have an immediate magnesium requirement.